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Green Life Carpet Cleaning uses our revolutionary cleaning system to effectively remove dirt and grime and lift it from the bottom of your carpet pile, not just the surface area like many other cleaning methods. Our advanced process allows for a deep clean of your home or workspace, and instant travel on your carpet when our technician leaves. This means that your carpet is ready for use immediately following our cleaning.


Green Life is a certified and fully insured firm with thoroughly trained professionals that specialize in deep cleaning carpets in both residential and commercial environments. Our advanced cleaning system and environmentally friendly materials ensure that we will leave your home or business a clean, healthy and safe place for your family or employees.


Many traditional carpet cleaners use harsh chemicals and heavy water volume to treat carpet, which can poses a large health risk, and can lead to mold and mildew growth, seam splitting, shrinkage and return of spots. These problems are avoided with Green Life´s eco-friendly approach to cleaning carpets. Aside from leaving your carpet spotless, our focus on staying green and eco-friendly ensures that a cleaning from Green Life ensures a safe environment for children and pets.


Green Life Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to operating in an eco-friendly manner. We are committed to providing excellent service and to leaving your carpets looking great, allowing you to get back to your everyday schedule in a healthier household or workplace.

Chemical Based Solution.
No harsh Chemicals Used.
Uses gallons of water under high pressure.
Uses 95% less water than traditional methods.
Leaves high risk of mildew and mold.
No risk for Mold or Mildew, reduces 85% of mold spores.
Takes many hours, even days to dry.
Instant Dry Time
Leaves soil attracting residue behind with carpets feeling crunchy.
Leaves no residue behind and carpets feel soft to the touch.
Heavy water usage causes wicking of carpet and reappearance of stains.
What you see is what you get, all stains and spots that appear to be removed, have been.
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