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Less Water is Best for Carpet Cleaning

Below is an article that disucsses the dangers of toxic cheicals that are extracted using standard steam cleaning methods. Carpet Cleaning companies in St. Louis and St. Charles MO such as Green Life Carpet Cleaning of St. Louis are well aware of these issues and use a method that uses 95% less water than traditional methods.

Because carpet cleaning generates wastewater, it is the carpet cleaning companie's responsibility to properly manage and dispose of this byproduct. This fact sheet discusses how the carpet cleaning industry operates, why wastewater is a concern, ways to properly dispose of wastewater, and offers suggestions on environmentally friendly carpet cleaning processes. Contact information is presented at the end of this fact sheet.

How Does the Carpet Cleaning Industry Operate?

Depending on the location of the carpet or the type of treatment required for the carpet, two different carpet cleaning processes may be used.

Steam extraction is commonly used for restoration jobs. This truck-mounted system uses antimicrobial, urine and odor treatment chemicals. This process uses the same chemicals used in "dry" cleaning, but the rinsing agent is blended in the truck-mount, and more water is used in rinsing.

Industry standards exist for upholstery, carpet and other cleaning procedures. Carpet cleaning requires the following procedures: vacuuming, pretreatment and conditioning, extraction, nap setting, and drying. Vacuuming removes most particulate soil, pretreatment and conditioning loosen soil with a mild solvent cleaner, extraction rinses away the cleaning solvent, and nap setting and drying allow the remaining solvent to vaporize and dry. If these procedures are not followed, indoor air quality could pose a health concern both for the cleaner and those at the residence or business.

Why is Discharging Wastewater from Carpet Cleaning a Concern?

Carpet cleaning creates wastewater that includes chemicals from the cleaning formula as well as waste products such as grease and organic matter from the carpet itself. Many chemicals currently used are highly alkaline and aggressive enzymes and disinfectants which if used or managed improperly can cause harm to humans and the environment. A standard cleaning formula may contain a high concentration of sodium bicarbonate and lower concentrations of sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, sodium silicate, anionic surfactant, and nonionic surfactant . Formulas can also contain dyes, polymers, enzymes, bleaches, and solvents of alcohols, esters, and glycol ethers. Some specialized cleaners also contain various forms of butyl, such as butyloxy ethanol (also known as butyl cellusolve) used in the "dry" cleaning method of carpet cleaning. This chemical can damage the central nervous system, kidneys, liver and blood.

What Should I Do with My Carpet Cleaning Wastewater Discharge?

Wastewater can be filtered before discharge to a sanitary sewer. Residue on the filter can be disposed of along with your general waste when the filter is completely dry. The MWRDGC requires that particles of 0.5 inch or more in diameter be filtered out of wastewater before discharge to the sanitary sewer.
Some storm drain systems discharge untreated water directly to water bodies. When untreated wastewater is discharged to a storm drain of this sort, chemicals from the cleaning formula and products in the wastewater could contaminate water bodies. The suggestions listed below for carpet cleaning can reduce the amount of pollutants discharged to water bodies through storm sewers.

If there is this much of an issue with the disposal of the chemicals used in carpet cleaning, what is left on your carpet? Choosing a Green Carpet Cleaning Company in St louis and St Charles will help you avoid any issues with heavy chemical residues left behind, and will also help preserve the ennironment as well.




Alternatives to Steam Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis and St. Charles MO

Commercial spot removers for carpets and rugs usually contain caustic substances, not to mention chlorine and/or petroleum-bas¬ed solvents. Trusting a professional carpet cleaning company to have your carpets cleaned saves you time and effort, and also makes sure your carpets are cleaned properly. The majority of the companies on the market for professional carpet cleaning use heavy chemicals and large amounts of water to clean carpet. Although at times these methods can be effective they can come at a heavy price for the environment, and also children and pets.

Searching for companies that are forward thinking and utilize advanced technology to clean carpets will lead you to companies such as Green Life Carpet Cleaning of St. Louis. Green Life’s St. Louis and St. Charles carpet cleaning technicians utilize methods that use 95% less water than traditional methods as well as cleaning products that are safe for the environment and the people living in it. This provides St. Louis and St. Charles with a new and highly effective carpet cleaning option.

Green Life Carpet Cleaning has become a leader in the residential and multi housing sectors. This Green carpet cleaning method in St. Louis and St. Charles MO has proven to couter act the multiple problems that are existent in the steam cleaning arena. Wicking (returning of stains), overwetting and crunchy carpet are only a few of the issues that can be overcome by using Green Life Carpet Cleaning of St. Louis.




Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis and St. Charles MO

Traditional commercial carpet-cleaning solutions contain a cocktail of noxious synthetic chemicals. One, perchloroethylene, commonly called “perc” in the industry, is a notorious dry cleaning additive known to cause dizziness, fatigue and nausea if ingested or inhaled. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also links perc to kidney and liver damage. Another chemical, naphthalene, a solvent manufactured from coal tar, is considered toxic to the human central nervous system and a possible carcinogen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Carpet cleaning chemicals get into the air of a room when applied during cleaning, and can also be ingested by kids who play on the floor soon afterwards. Besides such on-site health threats, carpet cleaning chemicals can pollute local groundwater if disposed of improperly (such as directly down your drain). Wastewater from carpet cleaning requires treatment and/or filtration in order to neutralize contaminants.

Eco-Friendly St. Louis and St. Charles MO Carpet Cleaning Professionals
Thanks to growing awareness about the potential health impacts of carpet cleaning, a new breed of professional services has sprung up that eschews dangerous and polluting chemicals in favor of more natural solutions. Some of the newer and more green-friendly cleaning solutions used by professional services are plant instead of chemical based. Green Life Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis and St. Charles MO is at the forefront of the companies choosing to use all green methods for professionally cleaning carpets. The St. Louis carpet cleaning technicians are trained in using all Green methods and products.

Most carpet cleaning services are local businesses, and many have greened-up their processes in recent years. If you need your carpets cleaned you should call around and ask questions. If a service doesn’t know whether their cleaning solution is plant or chemical based, or if they don’t have systems in place to treat or transport wastewater responsibly after cleaning, they should probably be avoided.




How to Green your Carpet Cleaning in St. Charles and St. Louis MO

One of the problems with indoor carpet — other than offgassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in some synthetic weaves — is that they are the ideal home for mites, molds and dust.

Vacuuming is your first line of defense. But carpet eventually means carpet cleaners, many of which contain the infamous dry cleaning agent, perchloroethylene (perc). We've written about this substance in the past. Another common nasty is naphthalene, a possibly carcinogenic solvent linked to red blood cell damage.

Beyond the potential cancer-causing risks of both perc and naphthalene, many people report dizziness, nausea and irritation from the fumes. Pets are equally affected. Neither substance has any place in a healthy home.

If you decide to hire a professional cleaner, inquire about plant-based alternative solvents and insist on nontoxic steam extraction methods. There are green carpet cleaning companies in St. Charles and St. Louis, MO available for same day or next day service. Their products are generally agreed to be safe for people and pets. Green Life Carpet Cleaning of St. Louis is one of these professional carpet cleaners in St. Charles and St. Louis MO that provide a healthy and organic based cleaning system.

Postpone a general cleaning with spot maintenance. Here you have some natural options: salt for mud, dirt and red wine; club soda for coffee stains; and cornstarch or cornmeal for grease. To control odors, liberally sprinkle carpeting with baking soda and allow to sit overnight before vacuuming. Direct sunlight is also a great deodorant. A couple of hours in the sun does wonders to freshen bathroom mats and area rugs. Green Life Carpet Cleaning of St. Louis also offers affordable maintenance programs that help keep your carpet clean year round.

There are steps you can take to keep your carpets cleaned. However a professional carpet cleaning is always recommended, and if you are looking for carpet cleaning in St. Charles and St. Louis MO, Green Life Carpet Cleaning is an excellent choice for Green carpet cleaning.




Green Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis

Keeping your carpets clean is not only important for the health of your family, but also for the appearance of your home. Although the focus of keeping your carpets cleaned in St. Louis is important, doing so in an eco friendly manner is equally important. Finding a company that focuses on using Green cleaning practices and products takes careful research and consideration. Green Life Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis MO specializes in Green Carpet cleaning. Our process uses 95% less water then standard steam cleaning practices. All of our main cleaning products are pet/child/environmental friendly. Your children can travel on the carpet directly after one of our St. Louis MO carpet cleaning technicians cleans the carpet. This ensures that your carpets are not only staying clean but you are protecting your family and the enironment as well.





Choosing the right carpet cleaning company to have your home or business cleaned can be very easy. By educating yourself on the different methods of carpet cleaning, you can make the right decision on which company to choose. The trend towards staying Green and environmentally friendly is a trend many companies have focused on.

Traditional steam cleaning and bonnet cleaning methods often use harsh chemicals that not only pose a threat to any children and pets in the household, but can also leave your carpet full of residue which easily attracts more dirt and grime. In these cases the carpet may appear clean when the technician leaves, however the residue left behind can often lead to a dirtier carpet only weeks after the cleaning.

Other issues to consider when choosing a company that uses steam cleaning and hot water extraction is the amount of water applied to your carpet. Steam cleaners use gallons and gallons of water to flush your carpet of the volatile chemicals that were used to clean it. Using this large amount of water can lead to further problems such as wicking and even more dangerously, mildew and mold.

Wicking is caused when the stains and soil are pushed to the bottom of the carpet pile during a carpet cleaning. When the carpet dries, the stains travel back up to the top of the carpet and reappear. This is a typical issue with steam cleaning. The carpet looks great when it is wet, but after the technician has left and the carpet dries, it is back to stained once again.

Some companies have chosen to use newer technology which completely eliminates the possibility of wicking, heavy chemical use, and mildew and mold growth. Green Life Carpet Cleaning uses a method that uses 95% less water than traditional methods, and ensures there are no harsh chemicals used as well. The days of your carpet drying in 1-2 days are gone, as Green Life's system provides a 1 hour drytime. This process works great for home, apartment complexes, and commercial applications. Green Life's system also ensures that no residues will be left behind to attract additional stains and soil.

There are many carpet cleaning companies, however by asking a few questions such as these talked about above, you will ensure that you are choosing the proper company to clean your carpets.





There are several factors to consider while searching for the best carpet cleaning company. Educating yourself on the methods that many of these companies use is vital to making sure your decision correctly matches your needs. There are many cleaning techniques that are used within the industry.

A new focus that many companies have taken is an environmentally friendly and drier approach to cleaning your carpets. Traditional methods such as steam cleaning and bonnet cleaning use hot water extraction that can flood your carpet with gallons of water. This leaves a huge risk for wicking and the occurrence of mildew and mold. Wicking is when large amounts of water are used for carpet cleaning and the stains and soil reappear after the technician leaves and the carpet has dried. This problem happens often with steam cleaning. Companies such as Green Life Carpet Cleaning use a method that uses 95% less water than the traditional methods. By combining this method with all environmentally friendly products, Green Life's system leaves a client's carpet safe for children and pets, has no return of stains or soil, and leaves a 1 hour dry time. The company can be viewed at www.greenlifecarpet.com.

Another problems many companies can cause is the use of harsh chemical and cleaning agents. These chemicals, even after being rinsed, often leave residues that attract soil immediately after a cleaning. By using a company that does not use harsh chemicals you can avoid these problems. Steer clear of companies that use heavy water and chemical agents.

Look for companies such as Green Life Carpet Cleaning. Carpet cleaning companies such as this, ensure that when you have your home cleaned, the stains that appear to be removed, have been. I would highly recommend using a company with a system that uses less water and all environmentally friendly products, you'll never turn back to traditional methods again.



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