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There are several factors to consider while searching for the best carpet cleaning company. Educating yourself on the methods that many of these companies use is vital to making sure your decision correctly matches your needs. There are many cleaning techniques that are used within the industry.

A new focus that many companies have taken is an environmentally friendly and drier approach to cleaning your carpets. Traditional methods such as steam cleaning and bonnet cleaning use hot water extraction that can flood your carpet with gallons of water. This leaves a huge risk for wicking and the occurrence of mildew and mold. Wicking is when large amounts of water are used for carpet cleaning and the stains and soil reappear after the technician leaves and the carpet has dried. This problem happens often with steam cleaning. Companies such as Green Life Carpet Cleaning use a method that uses 95% less water than the traditional methods. By combining this method with all environmentally friendly products, Green Life's system leaves a client's carpet safe for children and pets, has no return of stains or soil, and leaves a 1 hour dry time. The company can be viewed at www.greenlifecarpet.com.

Another problems many companies can cause is the use of harsh chemical and cleaning agents. These chemicals, even after being rinsed, often leave residues that attract soil immediately after a cleaning. By using a company that does not use harsh chemicals you can avoid these problems. Steer clear of companies that use heavy water and chemical agents.

Look for companies such as Green Life Carpet Cleaning. Carpet cleaning companies such as this, ensure that when you have your home cleaned, the stains that appear to be removed, have been. I would highly recommend using a company with a system that uses less water and all environmentally friendly products, you'll never turn back to traditional methods again.




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