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Choosing the right carpet cleaning company to have your home or business cleaned can be very easy. By educating yourself on the different methods of carpet cleaning, you can make the right decision on which company to choose. The trend towards staying Green and environmentally friendly is a trend many companies have focused on.

Traditional steam cleaning and bonnet cleaning methods often use harsh chemicals that not only pose a threat to any children and pets in the household, but can also leave your carpet full of residue which easily attracts more dirt and grime. In these cases the carpet may appear clean when the technician leaves, however the residue left behind can often lead to a dirtier carpet only weeks after the cleaning.

Other issues to consider when choosing a company that uses steam cleaning and hot water extraction is the amount of water applied to your carpet. Steam cleaners use gallons and gallons of water to flush your carpet of the volatile chemicals that were used to clean it. Using this large amount of water can lead to further problems such as wicking and even more dangerously, mildew and mold.

Wicking is caused when the stains and soil are pushed to the bottom of the carpet pile during a carpet cleaning. When the carpet dries, the stains travel back up to the top of the carpet and reappear. This is a typical issue with steam cleaning. The carpet looks great when it is wet, but after the technician has left and the carpet dries, it is back to stained once again.

Some companies have chosen to use newer technology which completely eliminates the possibility of wicking, heavy chemical use, and mildew and mold growth. Green Life Carpet Cleaning uses a method that uses 95% less water than traditional methods, and ensures there are no harsh chemicals used as well. The days of your carpet drying in 1-2 days are gone, as Green Life's system provides a 1 hour drytime. This process works great for home, apartment complexes, and commercial applications. Green Life's system also ensures that no residues will be left behind to attract additional stains and soil.

There are many carpet cleaning companies, however by asking a few questions such as these talked about above, you will ensure that you are choosing the proper company to clean your carpets.




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