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A Professional Appearance

Maintaining a clean and healthy work environment is not only important for the health of your employees, but also for the appearance of your business. Whether it is a nursing home, office building, church, or convention area, the carpet is one of the first things a client will see when stepping inside of your building. Keeping carpet looking beautiful throughout the entire year is essential to maintain a completely clean and professional appearance.


A Healthy Environment

Green Life's commitment to staying environmentally friendly is not only reflected in our residential cleanings, but is extremely important that we hold these values and cleaning processes in the commercial arena. Yes we believe appearances are very important, but the health of your employees, residents and patrons comes second to nothing. Our Green advanced cleaning system ensures there will be no chemical residues left behind that could be a potential health hazard.




No Loss of Work Hours

Time is money, and most businesses don't have the time to wait for a standard carpet cleaning that typically takes hours or days to dry. Green Life's advanced carpet cleaning system assures that your employees can get back to a full work day, immediately after a thorough carpet clean from our technicians. An instant dry time gives our technicians the ability to clean your workplace effectively during anytime of a work day.


Keep it Clean Throughout the Year

Cleaning your workplace annually will help keep appearances, and avoid health issues, but does this remain the case months after a carpet cleaning? Immediately after a cleaning new stains and health issues begin to emerge and will remain present until your next professional cleaning. Green Life offers a solution to this issue with our maintenance program. This entails Green Life visiting your workplace on a weekly or monthly basis to maintain your carpet. Basically this means your carpets will be cleaned year round. This cost effective method drastically prolongs the life of your carpet by eliminating dirt and grime that erodes carpet fibers if left untouched.


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